Potential Award Categories:

  • Best in Show
  • Ready Now
  • Visionary
  • Best WebRTC Tool
  • Easiest to Apply
  • Beyond the Call
  • Best Conferencing
  • Best Social Integration
  • Best Customer Service
  • Wow Factor
  • Best All-Around

Award Details:

  1. The Best in Show WebRTC Demo - This is the overall winner, not associated with a specific category. The award is about the presentation of the implementation during the event.
  2. Ready Now Award - This award is associated with solutions that are out in the market and available today that utilize WebRTC.
  3. Visionary Award - Recipient of this award will demonstrate innovation that is designed as a framework to enable third party innovation.
  4. Best WebRTC Tool - This category is for a product or software that enables WebRTC development or delivery.
  5. Best WebRTC Tool - The best tool to assist WebRTC developers in delivering a quality result. This may be differentiated by addressing anew or specific area.
  6. Easiest to Apply - This category will recognize the tool or capability that is easiest to apply and immediately get WebRTC value for the Developer team and their WebRTC deliverable.
  7. Beyond the Call - Awards the best website implementation that uses WebRTC to communicate in a form other than as something resembling a phone call.
  8. Best Conferencing - Recognizes the company that has the most innovative incorporation of WebRTC with the mixing and delivering of media conferencing. The expectation is that conferencing includes audio but social, text and video can be included as well.
  9. Best Social Integration - Recognizes the demonstration that best integrates WebRTC into a social or other similar application where communications is a part of bringing multiple parties together for services or values beyond communications.
  10. Best Customer Service - This is the demonstration that best uses WebRTC to enhance the customer experience or productivity value in an application that is specifically focused to customer service or interaction.
  11. Wow Factor - This is the demo that most had the judges surprised and shows innovation and thought
  12. Bet All-Around - This category is for the demonstration that was not selected in any individual category but had strong showing in multiple categories.


The Judges will be using a scale of 1 to 10 in seven categories for each award. Using the judged criteria, the Judges will determine the awards.

  • The persuasiveness of the need that lead to the development
  • The span and scope of the deployment
  • Market readiness of the demonstration
  • The ease of use and experience in the field
  • Market opportunity
  • Presentation
  • Lack of slideware - use of slides will negatively impact the judging

Individual demonstrations can take any form you would like including a prerecorded video, however, live demonstrations will be rewarded with higher ratings in certain categories.

The judges are all independent thought leaders in the WebRTC community.

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